Notes on the data: Aboriginal population projections

Male Aboriginal population projections by 5 year age groups: Per cent who are aged 0-4 years to 65+ years, projected 2016 estimated resident population (ERP) (non-ABS)


Policy context:  The value of the population projections is in providing an estimate of what the population might look like in the future, in different geographic areas across the country. This is of particular relevance as Australia's Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population ages.


Notes:  For more information about the projected 2016 estimated resident population (ERP) (non-ABS) developed by Prometheus Information on behalf of the Australian Government Department of Health, please refer to the Indigenous estimates information page.


Numerator:  Male Aboriginal population by 5 year age groups: 0-4 years to 65+ years, projected 2016 ERP (non-ABS)


Denominator:  Total Aboriginal males, projected 2016 ERP (non-ABS)


Detail of analysis:  The age group as a per cent of the total projected Aboriginal male population


Source:  Compiled by PHIDU based on data developed by Prometheus Information Pty Ltd, under a contract with the Australian Government Department of Health.


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